100+ Steps Personal Strategy Roadmap: Kanban Board for Long-Term Analysis & Planning

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Take your personal strategy development to the next level with our Kanban Board for Long-Term Analysis & Planning. This powerful tool provides a step-by-step roadmap to guide you through the process and monitor your progress towards your comprehensive strategic plan.


Our Kanban Board is for individuals serious about creating a comprehensive personal strategy. This tool provides a structured approach to strategic planning outside of traditional workshops. While you may need to learn the methods, templates, and examples for each step inside this tool independently, our Kanban Board provides the framework for organizing and visualizing your strategic journey.

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With our Kanban Board, you will gain the confidence to develop a comprehensive personal strategy and unlock new potentials for consciously shaping your future. Avoid costly strategic mistakes, such as choosing the wrong university, making mistakes in recognizing business opportunities, or spending years on misguided development. Instead, follow our step-by-step process, backed by our proven methodology, templates, and guides, to create a thorough strategic plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Please note that our Kanban Board is not a detailed methodology but more of a visual tool to support your strategy development process. To use the Kanban Board successfully, you should be familiar with the employed strategic planning methods or take our personal development strategy course.

Invest in your future by developing a clear and effective personal strategy with our 100+ Steps Personal Strategy Roadmap: Kanban Board for Long-Term Analysis & Planning. Gain confidence, empower yourself, and shape your future with purpose and intention.

After purchase, you will receive an external link to the Kanban board template on an external service. After registering with this service, you can copy and use the Kanban board on your account.

Kanban Board Quick Start Guide

  1. Follow the link in our email to open the Kanban board template.
  2. Register for the service.
  3. Once registered, you can copy the road map to your account (Menu > More > Copy board).
  4. Move the cards through the fields as you work with each card.

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1 review for 100+ Steps Personal Strategy Roadmap: Kanban Board for Long-Term Analysis & Planning

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    Deem Rytsev

    This Kanban Board is quite helpful in providing a structured approach to personal strategic analysis and long-term planning. However, it lacks detailed instructions for each step on the roadmap.

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