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Strategic Management Assessment: 7 Essential Metrics ↓

enterprise Management System Analysis STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM EVALUATION with strategic system quality score

Obtain 7 Strategic Insights in Minutes:

  1. Strategic Management Quality Score (SMQS): Management system health.
  2. External Trend Impact (ETI): Measures the influence of external trends.
  3. Strategic Focus Index (SFI): The level of effort required to achieve your goals.
  4. Strategic Planning Horizon (SPH): Recommends the timeframe for your strategy.
  5. Strategium Intelligence Quotient (cSIQ): Comprehensive assessment of corporate strategic competence.
  6. Corporate Resistance Score (CRS): The level of internal resistance to strategy.
  7. Strategy Success Index (SSI): Predicts the likelihood of your strategic plan being successfully implemented, based on your cSIQ and CRS ↓