Strategy Navigator Matrix: Process-Based Long-Term Analysis and Planning Methods and Tools Framework

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Introducing the Strategic Navigator: Process-Based Classification Matrix for Long-Term Analysis and Planning Methods and Tools. This innovative tool helps to streamline and optimize the application of analysis methods in organizational management practice. The Strategic Navigator provides a comprehensive classification of analysis and planning methods, enabling users to understand strategizing deeper.


If you want an in-depth understanding of strategic analysis and planning methods and tools, this navigator will help you. When you purchase this digital product, you will receive a PDF file containing one presentation with the following information about the process-oriented navigator of strategic methods and tools:

I. Explanation of the process-oriented navigator of strategic methods and tools with a link to a detailed video breakdown of the table (may be in development, check with us for expected release date).

II. Infographics containing the process-oriented navigator of strategic methods (periodic system of strategic elements) in different design options with various colors highlighting modules, levels and additional information.

We offer a variety of designs for the Strategic Navigator, which you can use as small table infographics or large wall infographics for personal or corporate purposes. The high-resolution infographics come in vector PDF format to print up to format A0 and more, making them suitable for display in company offices. The aspect ratio of the navigator is 16×9, making it easy to view and work with.

 Strategic Analysis & Planning Methods and Tools Navigator slides

The Strategic Navigator is a powerful tool that captures the attention of employees and management, helping to increase literacy and focus on long-term development priorities. Navigator can provide valuable guidance and help make informed decisions if you are unsure when or which strategic method to use.

The navigator’s matrix, also known as the periodic system of strategic elements, establishes the correlation between analysis methods and tools, sequencing their application in the planning and management of organizations. The positioning of each matrix element comes from their properties and roles in the company’s goals development or implementation process.

Initially developed in 2015, The Navigator provides a graphical visualization of the dependencies between strategic methods and their relative position in the process-oriented management of organizations. We recommend choosing and applying techniques and tools depending on the phase of the strategic management process: analytical, goal-setting, or planning.

See the illustration below for more information about the analysis and planning methods navigator.

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Reading the Strategic Analysis & Planning Methods and Tools Navigator

The legend bar at the bottom left is to help you read the navigator. It shows what the numbers or letters mean for each matrix cell. Each element is assigned a two-letter symbol in Latin, which can be accompanied by an index if the method or a tool are the same in nature and have the same designation. Below the element symbol is its name in English. Each element is also assigned the method’s unique serial number indicating its place in the classification of analysis methods and the order in which you can use it during the development of an enterprise strategy.

strategic navigator legend

The complexity of the change of objects is another parameter in cells of the navigator. It describes the degree of complexity of the organizational or environmental entities with which the strategy developers operate during the strategy implementation phase employing this method. The indicator of the organizational level of a particular approach (the cell) shows the level of management that usually practises it.

For example, the PESTLE-analysis method helps to assess the state of the corporation and company, which is why this cell indicates corporate C-level. However, no one forbids this type of analysis for developing personal strategies. In this case, we can use the P-level indication for this element since it is not at the corporate, business, or functional strategy development level.

Strategic Planning Methods Navigator Extras

At the bottom of the table, you will find an additional classification of methods and concepts that are used in the management of the organization, including:

  1. Functional Strategy Catalog.
  2. Extended Organization Resource Composition.
  3. Organization Layers according to G. B. Kleiner’s System Integration Theory of Enterprise.

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Strategy Navigator: Long-Term Analysis & Planning Methods
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Optimize your strategy with the Process-Based Navigator. Download our matrix framework for long-term analysis & planning methods and tools.

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