Strategy Process Guide: Kanban Board for Strategic Facilitator with 100+ Steps and Checklist

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Organize your strategy development with the strategium strategy process guide – a Kanban board tool for managing projects, setting tasks, and monitoring the progress of your company’s strategy development.


Upon purchase, you will receive a link to access the Kanban Board and short instructions on how to get started using this tool.

Our Guide will help you to develop a Business or Sub-Unit Strategy. If you have purchased this Kanban board without enrolling in the related course, please note that this tool consists of Kanban cards with step-by-step instructions and checklists consisting of micro-steps. Without access to the lessons, you should study the tasks and methods for each micro-steps yourself.

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If you are developing a strategy independently, you can skip the steps related to the closed lessons of the course. However, it’s important to note that the program provides valuable guidance and materials for developing an effective strategy using our approach. So, enrolling in it can enhance your understanding and implementation of the strategy development process.

Strategy Development Process

You can facilitate strategy development through a dedicated workshop or work on it using this roadmap or Kanban board. The Strategium Kanban Board assists in organizing strategy development, helping you with a framework to guide you from scratch to a comprehensive business strategy. Please note that you find and adapt methodologies, templates, and examples for each step of this process by yourself.

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Maximizing Productivity with Our Strategy Workshop

Enrolling in our strategy development workshop will maximize your strategy development productivity. By dedicating at least 30 minutes per day to the tasks in the lessons, you and your team can effectively utilize the Strategium Kanban Board as a flexible project management tool. You can easily monitor the progress and status of the strategy development project at any time.

Unlocking Agile Project Management with Strategy Process Guide

The Strategium Kanban Board provides the practical opportunity to learn elements of the modern agile project management method while working on your strategy project. Your team can use this tool daily to plan strategy development, track progress and receive feedback.

Instructions for Using the Strategy Process Guide

You can access the Strategium Kanban Board by purchasing it separately or through our strategy development online course. We will provide you with detailed instructions after purchasing this digital product.

Benefits of Using the Strategy Process Guide

The roadmap outlines the specific steps for strategy development and a logical and scientifically sound sequence for organizing the work. It helps ensure a clear understanding of tasks, maximizing productivity and efficiency in the strategy development process.

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    Deem Rytsev

    The Strategy Process Guide is a useful tool for managing strategy development. The Kanban board is well-organized and provides step-by-step instructions. However, more detailed explanations of the micro-steps and how to study them would be beneficial.

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