Efficient Closed-Loop Value Cycle: Comprehensive Business Model Template

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Introducing our comprehensive Business Model Template (PowerPoint), your essential tool for strategic planning and decision-making. Available for download as a .pptx slide, this digital product empowers you to create advanced business models for your company, start-up, or even your personal income/expenditure pattern.


Unlock Your Company’s Potential with the Strategium Business Model Template

Our approach to business modeling is unique, incorporating a closed-loop value cycle and various types of logical relationships between objects. This visualization method offers a more comprehensive and insightful alternative to other known business model canvases, making it a valuable tool for developing and executing your strategy.

Visualizing Your Strategy:

This visually appealing template, featuring preformatted slides, provides a clear representation of the interaction between your entity and the external environment. It showcases the conversion of resources into value, creating a powerful framework for understanding your current or future business.

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Beyond the Template:

While the business model template offers examples and a clear structure, it doesn’t include specific modeling methodology or business logic. To fully leverage its potential, we highly recommend our Business Model Workshop. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge and tools to create effective business models that align with your unique goals and objectives.


Benefits for Startups and Corporations:

  • Startups: When it comes to business planning and startups, one should never bypass such a fundamental and underlying concept as the business model. This template provides a clear roadmap for developing a robust business model from the outset. It allows you to refine your vision, identify key resources, and anticipate potential challenges.
  • Corporations: The business model template helps to streamline existing business models, identify areas for optimization, and create a shared understanding of your strategic direction across teams.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Business model template slides in PowerPoint format, based on the Closed-Loop Value Cycle Business Model method.
  • Explanatory notes to guide you in using the template effectively.
  • Inspiring examples to help you create effective business models.
  • Excerpts from our Business Model Course, providing deeper insight into the methodology.

Invest in Strategic Success:

Unlock the power of strategic business modeling with our comprehensive template and accelerate your company’s journey towards success! Whether you’re a budding startup or a seasoned corporation, our template and workshop will equip you with the tools and knowledge to achieve your strategic goals.

Don’t wait, unlock your potential today!

Once you’ve downloaded the template, you can customize it to fit your specific business needs. The 10 preformatted template blocks provide a clear visual representation of your business, highlighting the interaction between your company and the external environment. This visual framework helps you understand how resources are transformed into value.

business model template slides

This visualization method offers a more informative and helpful alternative to other known business model canvases, making it a valuable tool for developing and executing your strategy.

Optimizing a company’s business model is a strategic process that involves analyzing how your company interacts with the external environment and transforms resources into value for customers. It also examines crucial elements like resource regeneration and profit generation for current and future operations.

Business model building is an ongoing process within your organization or project, typically conducted during strategic sessions. These sessions allow you to create a simplified representation of your business and deeply analyze the factors that drive profitability.

A key outcome of these sessions is the creation or refinement of your business model. This model incorporates the results of your analysis and reflects hypotheses designed to maximize long-term profitability.

The business model is a cornerstone of your company’s strategic development. It acts as a framework that translates your company’s strategic vision into actionable operational plans, increasing the likelihood of achieving your goals. Strategium’s methodology emphasizes that building a business model is a fundamental step in the company’s strategic development process.

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    The Business Model PowerPoint Template is a useful tool for strategic planning and decision-making. It offers a clear representation of the value cycle.

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